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Sweet Creek

Gwen Lindstrom and her partner, Jay, travel to Florence, Oregon, to escape the Wyoming winter. A scenic hike takes an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a lifeless body in Sweet Creek Falls.

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By Connie L. Beckett

The author enjoys writing stories in a variety of genres. In the historical fantasy, Kingmaker and the Scribe, two souls join in their journey through the ages. In the Gwen Lindstrom mystery series, cafe owner, Gwen, works behind the scenes to investigate crimes.
Connie also writes middle-grade novels under the pen name Teter Keyes. In Lost Lamb, a magical fantasy tale, eleven-year-old Deidra Ann enters the forbidden forest to try and find her lost schoolmate.

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Published in September 2022: Murder at the Tindari, Kansas City in 1922. The war is over, and business is booming. Young newspaper reporter Claire O'Connor is interviewing the proprietor of a new restaurant in the heart of the Jazz district when a man is cut down in the street.

Recent Accomplishment

In 2020 Connie won the Gold Book Award for Kingmaker from Kops-Fetherling. She won first place, short mystery story, in the 2018 Kansas Voices Contest, and in 2017 won first place for her creative non-fiction story.