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Song of Grace

Freelance Writer Kat Addison is exploring an abandoned Prohibition-era speakeasy in Prescott, Ariz., when she discovers the mummified body of a dance hall girl. She had planned to write about the aftermath of the predicted Y2K disaster, but when that plan collapses, Kat decides to find out who the dead woman was and who killed her. Life becomes interesting after a handsome detective offers to help. When Kat begins to receive threatening calls, she questions whether they pertain to the 1930s murder of the young woman in a red silk dress, or something much more recent.


Gwen Lindstrom has hired a new morning waitress at her Dubois, Wyoming, Ranchers’ Café. When Lacey’s missing boyfriend, Donny, is found dead in a barn, Gwen questions whether her new waitress is guilty of his murder. A baggie of powder is found in dead Donny’s pocket and rumors abound at the café that Donny and Lacey were cooking methamphetamine. The truth, Gwen discovers, is much more complicated.


Gwen Lindstrom, Dubois, Wyo., restaurant owner, finds old statements in a dusty storage box for a pension her late husband owned. When she attempts to learn what happened to the money, she discovers a tangle of related companies with something dark and dangerous lurking beneath.

Nana Belle Wins the Lottery

When Belle McNally's will is read her three estranged daughters discover they will have to live together for 30 days or lose their interest in Belle's estate. Not a problem when the estate consisted of a broken-down Nebraska farmhouse, but Belle recently won the $109 million lottery and now the stakes are high. Thirty days in a beach house on a remote South Carolina island with his mom and aunts is doable, 10-year-old Henry Rowley thinks even if there is no Internet, television or cellphone service. Then his obnoxious uncle and bratty cousins arrives and tensions explode.